Monday, March 1st, 2010

Is it time to re-evaluate for effectiveness?
Sometimes organizations can create obstacles that prevent highly motivated people from reaching their personal goals.  We are having discussions lately with clients who are reviewing their sales processes. They wonder if improved practices or procedures might generate greater sales opportunities for their team and, simultaneously, prevent turnover.

Are you guilty of any of the following?

-too many meetings
-redundant paperwork, reporting
-ineffective mid-level managers
-sporadic communication
-lack of consistent training

Innovation in sales process is a key to out-distancing your competitors to the top.

It’s perfect timing when someone says, “I’ve turned over some key people, what should I do?” The answer is to get an outside perspective from exiting employees and unbiased experts. Often one or two process flaws are uncovered that may need improvement and then you move on.
Create a successful sales environment so your sales team can thrive. Since turnover is costly, when it happens the reason should be analyzed and solutions presented to get you back to the business of selling.

Sure, new stars can be found and sometimes less expensively than recruiting them from your competitors. Why not  capture that moment of despair to evaluate your system?

Let’s get an understanding of why you’re turning over good people. Is it the management style of an existing manager? Is it a competitor who is taking them? Don’t you want to know?

Recently, in the middle of a Director of Sales search for a homebuilder, we found that another company had an interesting process. Adding one person to their team resulted in 25% more to their gross sales numbers. Equally of value, sales people within the system are thrilled to have this additional support person and the whole enterprise is moving forward exponentially.

This advisory service is offered by our firm because when it’s over, our clients are in a better place to grow sales. Of course, the names of clients and candidates are confidential and…

If your current sales and marketing efforts aren’t getting you what you want, does it make sense to get an outsider’s opinion?

In a FREE Process Consultation, we ask questions about sales procedures to help clients evaluate their sales results. Taking a proactive approach to process mapping and improvement will help you to compete better and thrive.

These assessments don’t always result in hiring more sales people. More often the result is just a change in methodology, compensation or tweaking the process. Process consulting can uncover slight flaws in the system and your ROI is profound.

Why, you ask, wouldn’t we keep earning fees by replacing sales people for those clients instead of fixing the problem?   Clients who can’t keep sales staff won’t survive. They need help to remain viable during their growth and with the right process in place the company should generate increasing and profitable sales.

Organizations often contact us for compensation and incentive ideas and feedback for a confirming opinion of their approach.

From selling in eight different industries including management consulting services, I’ve learned that no two companies are exactly alike. Companies in the same industry selling the same product or services to the same clients are all performing somewhat differently.

This was really fascinating to me when I discovered it.  Even franchisors will tell you their franchisees all do things a bit different. Although processes are documented by the Franchisor, many people won’t follow the script as written, and some fail because of their own ability to adjust.

This learning gave me insight and ability to provide sales consulting around process, compensation and talent. As a firm we routinely provide this service to assist in facilitating the search effort.

If you wish to brainstorm issues of compensation, sales process and motivation…call me for a complimentary consultation!

    Best of luck with your sales processes in 2009!

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