The Recruiter’s Value Add

Monday, April 5th, 2010


Hello to all.
The market has produced 11000 more job postings this month than last month one leading website as this same time last month. Good news for recruiters, I’d say.
Since we’re headed back to longer hours (and occasional paychecks), I want to remind you of a key VALUE ADD that separates us from THE REST who call you on a regular basis.
Our interview notes continue to get us recognized over other recruiters in the U.S. They provide critical information which gives HR professionals and hiring manager’s key insight to how the candidate takes direction. The notes also indicate motivation for the position and writing abilities, which are necessary in all sales positions.

Also, when the candidate takes too long to return answers or hesitates at our request for details, we eliminate them immediately. We may interview 25 candidates with viable skill sets, but submit only one to you. The interview note methodology alone separates us from competitors who chat briefly with a candidate, submit them for you to read and THINK through all aspects of the search while the phone is ringing, candidates are flooding your browser with resumes that aren’t close and employees want benefits information.

PLEASE CONSIDER, candidates would rather not provide writing samples, even the best ones. They’re time consuming to complete and the candidate knows they may not even get an interview. Also, recruiters who are new to our team try to circumvent the process by saying the candidate wouldn’t do the notes, so they write a few sentences about the candidate and submit them before I finally figure out it’s happening. FYI, To be a member of our network, all recruiters must provide full interview notes.

SO when I mention we provide retainer like services for contingency fees, this is one area that is I’m referring to. The Interview Notes take longer for us to deliver…but we continue to provide them as they make YOUR JOB EASIER AND HELPS YOU AVOID A BAD HIRE. In recruiting, INFORMATION IS KEY!

FYI for anyone who has followed the Jaclyn Murphy story of the young lacrosse player adopted by the Northwestern ladies lacrosse team, her incredible story is on HBO July 21 at 10:00 EDT (9:00 Central). (see the Jaclyn Murphy Foundation at )

Enjoy your summer and let’s talk soon.

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