Know Exactly What You Want In a Salesperson

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

When you post your job opening, you’ll likely end up with numerous candidates who will not be qualified for your requirements. Before you go through the qualified applications, make up a list of your desired qualifications (over and above the minimum requirements from the job opening) and use the list to prioritize the applications.

Prepare Questions in Advance

Write out and use the same set of questions at each interview. It’s best to look at each candidate based on the same type of information. You may wish to add a few customized questions for some of your candidates, but the core set of questions should be the same for everyone.


Appearance doesn’t mean looks, but includes aspects such as clothing choices. demeanor and body language. Someone who’s applying for a sales position should be spot-on in all of these categories. They should dress and act in a professional manner.

Sell Yourself and Your Company

Regardless of the state of the job market, sales superstars usually have their choice of positions. You’ll need to do a bit of selling to convince such a candidate to work for you. Prepare some information about the company in general, as well as the sales team and position you’re hiring for.

Take it Away

When you interview a salesperson, you’re giving them a chance to show you how they sell a product: in this case, themselves. Don’t hesitate to make them work for it a little. Throw a few objections their way, such as acting skeptical about something the candidate has said and see how they react.

It’s OK to say “I’m not sure this is a match, good luck to you.”

Sales stars really start selling when the client says no. This is when the real interview begins, as he can now assess how the candidate responds to objections.

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