This IS a Candidates Market

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Yes it’s true. What used to be a 43 day time period of a start to finish executive level search has evolved unfortunately into a 90-120 day much longer time period. This is not good news for recruiting firms.

In the last year we’ve been unable to generate enough urgency for clients to move, even after they’ve picked out a stellar candidate. This is mostly due to processes that require every executive in the company to sign off on a candidate.

We just worked a search for a major non-profit who wanted a consensus of 11 people before they made an offer. REALLY??? Eleven people cannot agree on anything.

My warning to Corporate America is that if you want the top talent you say you desire… then you had best speed up your hiring processes. The current environment just will not support a long hiring process. The candidate will always assume the hiring company doesn’t care about them if it takes nearly a month to communicate back to them after a positive final interview. By that point, most have moved on as candidates have more choices now than ever.

A slow process allows your competitors to find the talent you are putting off because while you attend to other more important matters, your potential candidates are having fun shopping around your industry for a better offer.

Recruiting firms I talk with are busy right now, but doing busy work that pushes cash flow beyond limits. Most search firms need boatloads of cash to support slow processes. We also must have a large inventory of searches so the faster clients get attention and we get to keep the doors open.

The most frustrating action during the process is when hiringmanagers and HR are not on the same page. Communication is spotty, inaccurate and changes frequently. Every change makes the recruiting firm have to re-start the search which creates further delays.

Recruiting is a collaborative effort that needs everyone’s buy-in that is involved. It is the ultimate team sport. If you do your part, we’ll do ours for mutual success.

We are as excited about the warmer weather like anyone, but we think it’s time to get back to work…☺

Best of luck to all in their sales hiring and here’s hoping you find the talent you want!

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