What I Love About Sales…!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Sales is the one discipline that earns what they are worth. That is why our vetting includes the question, “What have you earned the past couple of years?”

Some candidates ask, why is that relevant?

Sales people price themselves in the market by what they actual earn, not what they think they are worth.  It’s hard to negotiate a higher guarantee when you’ve earned 80k with commissions last year and you are asking for a 95k base salary…

Often, candidates say “I will disclose my earnings when I get an offer…”. It just doesn’t work like that. Hiring managers and recruiters both need to know past earnings to determine if candidates are in the price range to see if they need to keep looking for candidates. Many of our clients ask for proof of earnings before making an offer as well.

Candidates are fearful that their past income will be too high, or too low to be considered. Often they say, “Well I earned $80000 base salary while I was working at ABC Company. I feel that is what I’m worth.”

Just as in selling a house, you get only what someone will pay for the house, not what you think it’s worth. AND, if you’ve already left ABC Company and are currently unemployed, someone may offer you $65000 because it’s $65000 more than you are earning now!

In many cases, companies want to see proof of a candidate’s talents before moving them up in pay. Starting over sometimes means just that…you must prove yourself again somewhere else, in their systems and processes before higher earnings happen.

Recruiters qualify on compensation early in process before moving forward, to save our client’s time and ours. When there is hesitation to confidentially disclose what a candidate is earning, we move on to the candidates who understand that it’s an adventure, no guarantees.

Lastly, do you think most salespeople would rather have a 100k base salary with the ability to earn another 100K in commissions or a 120k base with ability to earn another 50k in commissions? MOST would want the 120k guarantee and settle for another 50k in commissions…

Hunters with confidence will normally accept the challenge of higher variable earnings. More often than not in our negotiations the base salary is still focused on as the most highly negotiated number of a job offer.

Best of luck and good selling!  

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