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Saturday, October 31st, 2015
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Mike McCandlish, Founder



Hello ALL!

Know how to find a true hunter?

Our firm specializes in this area and 90% of client requests are for hunters rather than farmers. The reason is that hunters, or door openers, make it rain. There are way fewer hunters out there than farmers.

Sure, the world needs farmers too. But it’s not always necessary to use recruiters to find farmers unless your application is critical and urgent. If the situation includes finding qualified representation for a major account, then of course it’s urgent, and we respond.

Where are hunters born? In companies like Cintas, Xerox, Pitney Bowes, Computer Associates and others that have extensive sales training. It is their culture to compete internally as much as externally. They MAKE THINGS HAPPEN as a result. When we see backgrounds with Vector Marketing and someone who has developed a client base by asking for referrals and cold calling every day for years, we know they’re ready for the next step.

Hunters are completely comfortable with someone telling them no. In fact, they don’t even hear the word. Most often they start selling when someone tells them no as they see an opportunity to turn that in to a yes, either shortly after hearing no or months later.

NO means the client needs more information.

Hunters enjoy inner competition. That way, work is fun for them. And, not for the money they earn but for bragging rights to win…. WIN sales contests and WIN at life. They like having control over their income, work hours and uncapped potential. WORK HARD- PLAY HARD is the cliché.

Can they change industries and sell your product or service?   Most often, YES they can. It’s not about the product, Someone is at their best when they’re learning a new service or product. Just by their nature hunters will spend extra time to learn to give them better ammunition in the field. We still get resistance from new clients who think the sales person must be a product expert. OK, in some technical sales, we need industry and product experience to reduce training time and represent you properly. But, hiring from your direct competitor has possible complications, just like a new acquisition for large companies. It doesn’t always work out.

You must ask,

1. Did they make sales previously because they were given accounts or did they actually generate the business on their own?

2. Does the candidate have only large company experience and can they survive in a smaller environment where they need to do more of the work?

3. What were the most stressful activities of your last job?

4. What is your motivation around working with our firm?

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