Happy Holidays from The McCandlish Group!

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Happy Holidays from The McCandlish Group!
Thanks to our incredible clients we’ve had a good year and are excited about 2016.
The sales hiring market is still very active for this time of year. Sales candidates have many choices as we’re seeing start-ups and growth in many sectors. It appears we’ll be working through year’s end and kick off the New Year with urgency as always.
Also, manufacturing clients are hiring and that is good for all, including our country. This year we placed more manufacturing related sales positions than in the past 16 years.
This year produced numerous VP of Sales placements which means companies are investing in new strategic planning and direction to match the economy. Some VP’s work better in strong markets and others are better matched to either maintaining market share or even declining markets. Does your VP of Sales have the ability to lead and grow your business in this market?
The VP of Sales position is a critical position for any firm. The sales leader must be someone who can sell and manage. They must strategize and develop company sales processes and direction. They also need respect and support for their decisions. If they are not getting everyone on board with similar ideas and execution your company will never maximize this current market we’re in.
The outlook for 2016 remains strong as well. Companies are gearing up and building sales teams in anticipation of growing their businesses.
In our database of 30,000 sales professionals are numerous proven VP of Sales professionals that can help you grow profitably. We often can provide a reference for some of them due to past interaction.
Are you getting the most from your leadership talent?
Are they taking you in the right direction?
Are they empowering your sales team?
If the answer is no, then maybe we should talk…
SOOO… Christmas is only 2 weeks away? if you need new sales talent to start the new year, CALL ME TODAY!!!
It is the time of year companies are doing one of two things regarding their sales planning and hiring. Some are forgetting about it until mid January and others are moving forward now so their new people can get started in the first few weeks of the year. Obviously if you start a new search in mid-January then you’re into late February or even March until new talent arrives. Companies who are doing it now have a better chance of making their numbers in 2016.
The only issue that slows down December hiring is the proverbial BONUS CHECK everyone is waiting on in January. Although, many companies understand and will adjust for the right candidate.
Occasionally we are asked about sales training. I have partnered with the Sandler group in Dayton, and now in Cincinnati to assist each other in recommending quality training services for new and existing sales teams. Their service is exceptional and generally accepted as one of the top programs in the market.
After an exhausting search, you hired the right salesperson. Now what?
People spend lots of time and energy finding the right salesperson, only to discover that after six months the salesperson is not going to make it. You are frustrated because you have to let that person go and do it all over again. Sandler helps companies onboard new salespeople, so that they can ramp up as quickly as possible and be successful. Typical challenges for new salespeople are prospecting to get in front of potential new customers, understanding how to navigate the “buyer seller dance” and learning to qualify opportunities to determine if there is a real chance to win the business and if it is the right business. Sandler focuses on the art and science behind human interaction, paired with a systematic approach to sales conversations that get to the truth. If you want to find out if you would be a good candidate for Sandler, contact Jared Lockwood at 937-320-9234 or jared.lockwood@sandler.com to arrange a quick 10 minute phone call. Typically that call can help determine if there is a reason to continue conversations and not waste a bunch of time.
Sandler Dayton & Cincinnati have merged. Their locations include:
Sandler Dayton Sandler Cincinnati
2358 Lakeview Drive, Suite 150 1329 E. Kemper Road, Suite 4100-D
Beavercreek, OH 45431 Cincinnati, OH 45246

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