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Friday, January 9th, 2009

The McCandlish Group has been recruiting Top Level Sales Managers as well as Executive Managers in the Accounting/Financial, IT Systems, Manufacturing and Medical fields since 1999. We have worked with more than 400 clients and 3000 candidates. Our experienced team of recruiters understands the nuances of finding the right candidate for your unique organization.

We pride ourselves for nurturing long term, successful relationships between the individuals we place and our clients.

Our recruiters all possess years in a variety of sales careers as our specialty search is the VP of Sales role. We’re equally adept at sourcing account executives with upbeat SALES PERSONALITIES, our clients say. We always hire for attitude.

Our mission is to provide companies with business development professionals who are a cultural and motivational fit, can grow businesses profitably, attain agreed upon sales goals and consider enterprise profitability in their efforts. We are equally passionate about facilitating candidates in recognizing career purpose as early in life as possible!

We have to bring value to each search. Many of our candidates are not “on the radar screen” to less ambitious recruiters. We work 24/7 to find the candidate that will understand the goals of your organization from day one.

The McCandlish Group represents exciting new technology originators and some of the finest companies in the world. Our many references echo our commitment and our mutual belief that urgency is key.

Call me if you wish to discuss a professional search. I am always available for you.

Mike McCandlish
President / Founder

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