Sales Hiring Handbook

Written by Mike McCandlish, is a guide for hiring VP Sales, Directors of Sales and Marketing, Sales Managers and Account Executives.


  • sales questions and potential responses are included for interviewing sales managers.
  • gain valuable insight into what motivates sales representatives and how to evaluate past performances and experiences

The Sales Hiring HandbookHave you made a bad sales hire? Sure most of us have. Are you consistently making bad sales hires? That’s a process problem that The McCandlish Group can also advise on. Do you understand Sales People? I mean really understand how they work and what motivates them? Many people do not.

During your interviewing process, how will you determine answers to these questions?

  • Did the candidate make goal consistently?
  • Were they top performers in their respective industry?
  • Were they plodders that never made goal?
  • Were they in the right environment to excel?
  • Were they previously in the wrong environment to showcase their talents and just need a better supportive atmosphere and infrastructure?

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