Ready to Hire an Inside Sales Person? Consider This:

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

It is important to know that there are many aspects to consider before bringing on an inside sales person.

In the last few years, the demand for this role has increased. And, what used to cost companies $30k plus bonus to $50-60k will now costs of $50-60k in base salaries with the ability to earn 90-100k in addition to commission. Access to webinars and teleconferencing also help keep productive inside sales people on top of trends and information and continue to be less costly than outside teams. It appears to be a win-win as reps don’t have to travel as much and companies don’t have those increased outside sales costs. When planning your strategy for hiring inside sales teams, first decide how you will utilize them.

  1. Are they supporting your outside sales team? Will they be setting appointments for them?
  2. How will you integrate them into your present sales process? And, is your current process running smooth enough to add more people?
  3. Are they actually selling to the end user?
  4. How will you pay them—base salary plus bonus or commissions? How often will you pay commissions? Monthly, quarterly or annually (to motivate properly the answer should be monthly)?

ADDITIONAL CONCERNS Who will manage the inside sales team? If it is your Sales Manager, Director or VP of Sales make sure they have managed inside teams in the past. Inside sales people have a slightly different mindset than outside and are motivated differently. Successful ones are highly competitive and need incentives that are paid sooner than later. Candidates who have been in competitive situations in the past perform best. The experience of selling competitively is more important than knowing your product upon hire. They will learn your product or services but the skill set of listening, then selling is harder to teach than the technical side of your products.


  1. Turnover is higher on inside sales teams than outside, something you may want to consider that when hiring. Good candidates often change jobs for better environments and earnings.
  2. The more questions they have when interviewing the better. Showing interest means they are serious about your opportunity.
  3. Do they listen with interest before “selling” themselves? This is key… and do they tell stories when answering your question to better explain their past successes?
  4. Do they have a competitive background? Play sports? Have they competed on large sales teams with good training programs and competitive company plans? With top sales talent WINNING is everything!
  5. It is normally preferred that they know your industry but not always. Consider if they have sold something similar to your clients’ product or service or have experience with a similar your client’s sales cycle. Just know that eventually candidates who enter with selling skills will outperform others that are “product experts”.
  6. Lastly, sales incentives for inside sales people should be monthly, or even weekly depending on your product or service. If your sales cycle is longer then quarterly payouts are fine.

Best of luck with your sales hiring! Call if you wish to discuss how we work.

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