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Friday, May 12th, 2017

Sales Hiring Newsletter,

After 18 years of establishing a North American footprint as premier sales hiring specialists we are announcing International capabilities.

Our expertise has been developed to source candidates in the UK, Ireland, Middle East, Asia and as far as Australia. Our relationships with research and recruitment firms enable us to develop a worldwide network of prospective candidates.

If you have talent needs Globally call me to discuss.

I’m forwarding this message from Hunt Scanlon emphasizing the importance of ambition.

Korn Ferry Looks At Harnessing Ambitions of High Octane Employees

We all know that ambition is an essential ingredient for success. Now there’s hard evidence to back up that claim. Let’s go inside the latest data and look at four key tactics companies should consider to maximize the effectiveness of their most enterprising employees.

March 28, 2017 – Ambition is the raw material of success. We see it everyday in every outstanding organization. High performers, no matter what field they’re in, are fueled by an intense desire to succeed — ambition propels them forward and enables them to overcome obstacles and setbacks.

But ambition levels differ markedly among individuals — even among high achievers. Some people seek to excel in their current role and strive for the next promotion and pay raise. Others — particularly in specialized professions — are happy with mastering all facets of their chosen field and performing at a very high level. Yes, these people are ambitious, but the scope of their ambition differs from the small number of people who want to change the world, build a great company, or create a momentous work of art. Compared to others, these people have ‘ridiculous’ ambition.

Where does this level of ambition come from within an individual? Is it something that can be recognized, harnessed, and nurtured within individuals? Should organizations seek out people with ridiculous ambition and consciously place them in challenging situations?

Inspiring Leaders

Anecdotally, many great leaders throughout history have said they were driven by love of what they were doing and trying to accomplish. Mother Teresa, when on a train trade through India received what she described as ‘a call within a call’ to devote herself to caring for the sick and the poor. Fueled by a love for humanity, she created a worldwide charitable organization to carry out her work and was named the Most Admired Person of the 20th Century.

Warren Buffett seemingly was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. At age six he sold Chiclets from a table in front of his house. For Mr. Buffett, money and investing is now an intellectual adventure that he enjoys for its own sake. He’s known to tell young people, ‘Take a job that you love.’

Similarly, Steve Jobs was driven to create user-friendly computers for consumers. He said: ‘We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better . . . If you don’t love something, you’re not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, and challenge the status quo as much.’ Three highly ambitious 20th century icons, all ridiculously passionate about their lives, their work and themselves.

Ambition Equals Achievement 


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