Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our clients!!!

Here’s wishing all of you a safe and enjoyable holiday with friends and family.

The McCandlish Group is 20 Years old this month…

I founded the firm in November 1999 to assist companies in sourcing top sales talent. Business would gain by hiring motivated sales people and top sales pro’s could enhance their lives by finding greater opportunities to showcase their skills.

Recognizing early on that a salesperson who sold 1 million annually was a greater investment for companies than one who sold 500K, my mission was clear. Connect top talent with companies who were willing to invest in them. That strategy has worked for 20 years now and I’m thankful for those who took a chance to work with our firm.

I trained over 34 people in recruiting, business development and account management. At last count 21 of those recruiters are still in the executive search industry in some aspect. I sometimes work with past McCandlish Group recruiters as many are working for larger companies as internal recruiters.

Each placement is still as exciting as the first one.  AND I can’t wait for the next one. I still speed to work.

Companies come to us for HUNTERS.  Rainmakers make the world go around and provide opportunities for others in the company to show their talents as well.

Without the sales champion leading the way, there is less opportunity for all. Companies provide value for shareholders when they outsell their competitors.

With a database of over 30000 candidates and resources to fill any sales position The McCandlish Group has placed sales candidates Internationally and domestically.

If you need sales talent NOW call me, I’ll be at my desk!

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