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Our Focus

We specialize in all positions relating to business development including sales and marketing from the Account Executive level-to Director and VP.

Our Approach

The McCandlish Group works closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills required. We interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients. Our recruiters stay actively involved through the client interview and follow-up.


Our Founder

In 1985, Mike McCandlish, as Director of Sales and Marketing, established the first dealer network for Cellular One in Columbus, Ohio. In 1986, Mike launched Phones To Go, Cellular One’s top sales distributor in Ohio, which was sold to Cellular One in 1989.

In the fall of 1989, Mike launched McCandlish Marketing, a video distribution company representing Quest Entertainment, a subsidiary of Universal Studios. After becoming Quest’s top distributor, the company was sold in 1995.

As Regional Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for International Profit Associates (IPA), Mike managed 30 consultants in the Midwest Territory. Mike was the company’s #1 sales consultant (out of 400) in 1997, and set a domestic record of 18 sales in one week.

Mike founded The McCandlish Group in 1999. He is the author of “The Sales Hiring Handbook” which was published in 2004. Mike has trained over 700 sales representatives to sell products in 7 different industries: construction, cellular, home security, office products, management consulting, executive search, and the entertainment industry. 



It’s been said that we are partially judged by the company we keep. Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with some of the best companies in the country, including IBM, Cisco, Sterling Commerce, Qwest and hundreds of others. Some of our current and past clients are shown below.


Hi Mike,

Wanted to reach out to you as I lead recruiting at Vertiv. We had our bi-weekly update call regarding our Sales "Go-to-market" openings which includes Channels Sales and our named accounts. Kendra mentioned what a great job you are doing and the fast turnaround. First, wanted to say this work is greatly appreciated—thank you! I cannot over emphasize how critical these roles are to Vertiv and our growth strategy.

Really appreciate your partnership and let's try to keep it going! Thanks.

Chris Anderson

Director, Talent Acquisition & Mobility | Human Resources

We would highly recommend the McCandlish Group. They provided top notch sales candidates, all of which had strong attributes. We were able to select the "best of the best" from the resumes we received. Mike and Angela were both a pleasure to work with. They were professional from beginning to end, did not pressure us to make a decision, and supported our process throughout the evaluation. We are very pleased with the results, feel that we have hired a top shelf candidate, all for a great value. Feel free to contact AIMS about our
positive results.

David Dorries

Director of Sales & Marketing AIMS, Inc.

The McCandlish group offers personal recruiting service beyond any I have experienced before. They not only found the perfect fit for me and the company, but they acted as my personal advocate before the company. They communicated well, worked with integrity, and most importantly, they got the job done. Thanks Mike and Todd.

Andy Lee

Zacks Investment Research

Thank you for sharing The Sales Hiring Handbook with me — I enjoyed reading it! I particularly enjoyed learning about you and your careers that set the stage for your role as founder and leader of The McCandlish Group. The emphasis that you place on motivation is important, since it is a trait that is consistently displayed by top candidates. The strategies outlined in the text are adaptable to may diverse careers, and I was impressed with the full range of recruitment and appointment steps included. Your extensive experience in the field obviously serves as your background and basis for many of the examples and recommendations that you provide. I found your technique of storytelling to be an especially effective way to communicate with both the recruiter and recruitee. The section titled "Gold Nuggets" was especially helpful, concise, and useful. Thank you, again, for the autographed copy of your book and for the well wishes in our search for a new athletics director. I can assure you that I will utilize a few of your tactics in this search and many others. Best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Karen A. Holbrook

President The Ohio State University

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about the positive experience that I have had with Todd Markowitz at your company. I have talked with dozens of recruiters and HR professionals in the past few months, and I found that Todd really stands apart from the rest. He has earned my trust and respect as a professional. Todd contacted me about a client of yours, regarding the Publisher's Sales Rep position in the Tampa market. I feel that he has been informative, forthright and just a very personable recruiter to work with. As Todd has replied to my emails on a Sunday evening, I can tell that Todd really lives up to the quote: "Recruiters with a 24/7 mentality". I imagine that he is quite an asset to your team, with such strong follow up skills. Just thought I'd say thanks and recognize Todd for doing a great job. Take care.

Best regards,

Jessica Dwyer

When I worked in HR/recruiting at Intertek, a global compliance testing company, I asked The McCandlish Group to source sales candidates for us. We had an engineer culture previous to my employment there and we wanted to migrate to account managers with a hunter mentality.

Mike and his team identified, submitted and facilitated the hires of 30 account managers and managers over a two year period. At last glance only one account manager was released for not making goal and they were in a new division of the company. The MCCandlish Group helped change our whole sales culture. Our time to hire, after a new requirement opened, was 23 days from start to finish. The industry average is around 43-44 days for contingent search, so we were ecstatic over those results.

Paul Gardner

HR Director Transonic Systems, Inc.

When we first met you gave me a copy of your book. It is full of great information and has served me well. I always review it before the interview phase. I would like to get a few more copies for others in our organization.


Mark A. Bryant

Kinetics Noise Control

I wanted to touch base with you to thank you for the book. I will tell you, I have a fairly extensive business book library, with a large sales section. They range from how to sell, to how to manage sales people and everything in between. None of the books I have go into the practice of hiring sales people.

Additionally, since I have sat on both sides of the interview table, I found the book to be a very good resource. It was clear that I was reading information from someone who was in sales and "gets it", and not some psychologist pontificating on the subject matter.

I talked to so many companies in the last 6 weeks while on my quest for a job and better then 90% of them would have been well served if they read this book.

Rich Serpa

Director of Sales

Sales Hiring Handbook

Written by Mike McCandlish, is a guide for hiring VP Sales, Directors of Sales and Marketing, Sales Managers and Account Executives.


  • sales questions and potential responses are included for interviewing sales managers.
  • gain valuable insight into what motivates sales representatives and how to evaluate past performances and experiences

Have you made a bad sales hire? Sure most of us have. Are you consistently making bad sales hires? That’s a process problem that The McCandlish Group can also advise on. Do you understand Sales People? I mean really understand how they work and what motivates them? Many people do not.

During your interviewing process, how will you determine answers to these questions?

  • Did the candidate make goal consistently?
  • Were they top performers in their respective industry?
  • Were they plodders that never made goal?
  • Were they in the right environment to excel?
  • Were they previously in the wrong environment to showcase their talents and just need a better supportive atmosphere and infrastructure?

This informative book is provided for Free to Hiring Professionals! Just click here to request your copy.

If you are a job candidate, you can purchase this book at www.sales-hiring.com.