Final Interview Service

Have you found a candidate you are considering as a future sales person but would like another opinion before hiring them?

The McCandlish Group will handle a final interview of the candidate and provide a written overview and opinion of the candidate's abilities and match with your position. We ask 20 sales-related motivation based questions we feel are important indicators of whether they are an appropriate candidate for your position and culture, and forward you their responses with our opinion of each answer.

We probe the following issues and more:

  1. Does the candidate have a history of performance as they say?
  2. Do they communicate like a sales person?
  3. Did they reasonably explain how they accomplished goal for their last employer?
  4. Are they motivated to work for you today?
  5. Are they properly trained for the opportunity you're providing?
For proper analysis our firm will need the following information:

  1. Any written materials you've received from the candidate
  2. Resume
  3. Your potential compensation offer
  4. Position to be filled
  5. Company culture to include mission statement

FEE: $485.00
For additional questions:
Mike McCandlish 614-429-4320 or contact us online.


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