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Contingency & Exclusive Contingency Search

The specific methods used by The McCandlish Group in the executive search process are based entirely upon the individual client requirements. We utilize a proprietary profiling, interviewing, and management system that places the right candidates in the right positions for both our retained and contingency searches.

After profiling the position you wish to fill and sourcing potential candidates, we conduct both personal profile and technical profile interviews.

The personal profile interview considers the candidate’s personal style -- management style, work style, communication capability and personal preferences.

The technical profile interview considers the candidate’s technical assets -- technology and industry-specific skills, experience, and capabilities.

The results of these two interviews enable us to score each candidate on their fit with your position profile. Only the strongest candidates are presented to our clients, who then select candidates for further review.

The McCandlish Group arranges interviews, obtains feedback from candidates, facilitates two-way information exchange, presents offers and counter-offers, and closes candidates. Our interview/offer ratio is over 50%.

Retained Search

In addition to the above service package, our retained searches include the following:

Situation Analysis

Conduct in-depth, on-site meetings with the appropriate members of your company’s management to obtain a thorough understanding of the position requirements.

Position Analysis

Provide feedback from the meetings, analysis of all critical organization and candidate issues, recommendations concerning position, specifications and recruitment guidelines and strategies.

Specifications Documentation

Prepare the position specifications and submit for your final approval.

Optional Review and Evaluation of Internal Candidates

Review and evaluate all internal candidates you may wish to suggest. Provide a full evaluation and recommendation on each candidate based upon comprehensive interviews.

International Search Capabilities

Our expertise has been developed to source candidates in the UK, Ireland, Latin America, Middle East, Asia and as far as Australia. Our relationships with research and recruitment firms enable us to develop a worldwide network of prospective candidates.
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