Hire the Most Qualified Candidates With Our Help

The McCandlish Group is a company in Columbus, OH that specializes in hiring sales professionals. We arrange interviews, get feedback from candidates, facilitate two-way information exchange, present offers, and assist in final placement. Our thorough interview process puts the most qualified candidates with the right employers.

Our Mission

We specialize in all positions relating to business development, including sales and marketing, from the Account Executive level to Director and VP.

I’m Looking for Candidates

Using proprietary profiling, interviewing, and management system, we place candidates in the right positions for both our retained and contingency searches. After profiling the position you wish to fill and sourcing potential candidates, we conduct both personal and technical profile interviews.

I’m a Candidate

Our company is always looking for great candidates for our corporate clients. Please follow these links to see career opportunities and to submit your resume for consideration.

Contingency Search

We provide consultation services that are based on individual client requirements to determine ideal candidates for them. We interview to understand the candidates’ personal styles, such as:

  • Management Style
  • Work Style
  • Communication Capability
  • Personal Preferences

A more technical profile then considers the candidates’ technical assets. These include technology and industry-specific skills, experience, and capabilities.

The results of these two interviews enable us to score each candidate based on how fit they are for the clients’ position profiles. The most qualified candidates are presented to our clients, who then do further review.